Dueling Beams of Light 

Delivered on a silky smooth, but refreshing malt character, the big tropical and melon dry hop punch give way to a clean finish with a restrained bitterness. Hopped with over 4.5 lbs per barrel of Mosaic and Amarillo, it has a dank quality that is sure to please.


                                                                                                                     Warp Drive West Coast IPA

Stone fruit, tropical and subtle pines notes from the over 4.5 lbs per barrel of Amarillo and Simcoe! All wrapped up in a lusciously light and crisp malt pillow.

                                                                                                                         Moon pHazer Pale Ale

5 lbs per barrel of Citra, Azacca and Simcoe. Brewed with tons of wheat and oats, it’s creamy body nicely supports a citrus blast! 

                                                   Dances with Stars Hazy IPA 

It’s like an orange creamsicle dream. Dances with Stars is packed with over 6 lbs of Citra & Simcoe per barrel!! It’s refreshing, yet creamy body comes from the copious use of oats, so it’s Vegan friendly.

                                                                                                                               Skylight Hybrid IPA 

Skylight’s light, crisp and juicy malt canvas offers a wonderful playground for it’s floral and fruity hop bonanza. A unique take on a hybrid IPA. It’s hopped with over 5 lbs per barrel of 07270, Idaho 7, Mandarina Bavaria and Mosaic.