Only recently has the Supreme Council of the Centauri System lifted the prohibition of alcohol that lasted over four Millennia.  Younger systems, like our solar system, are more progressive. Even though areas on Earth have had their run-ins with prohibition, there’s  never been a system-wide ban like the Centauri prohibition.

In the latter days of the prohibition, Caspian Ximix was a smuggler who became the best “beer runner” among all nearby galaxies.  Born on planet Earth of the Milky Way Galaxy, but raised on Proxima in the Centauri System, Caspian was the black sheep of the Royal Family of Ximix from Proxima, where his father still rules.

Now that the prohibition is over, the race is on across the entire system to create the most imaginative and tasty brews. Caspian is now forming a crew of explorers to search the Galaxy for the quintessence of grains and hops, for the most exotic craft brews in the galaxy.